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I am really excited to announce a Christmas raffle, please look at the dedicated page (just click the raffle ticket above). This is your chance to win a tall set of columns, colours of your choice, a limited edition silver heart with gold plated wings pendant, or a shoal of three fish ( again the colours of your choice ).

The tickets are just £5.00!


I have nearly finished all my orders from the shows (please don't worry I haven't forgotten you and will be in touch really soon with delivery details. This has been a very tricky year and my health has been atrocious, but I'm getting there! Theres no shows or exhibitions booked until the Christmas open house, see above 

also the opening of my Audrey Studio (after my Mum)

this is where I will be teaching various workshops including make your own column, Raku, painting and many more creative days, where you can have a fun creative time in a relaxed environment. Watch this space for details. 




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sending you all

love and peace

Karen xx 



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