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It's beginning to feel a lot like spring, bulbs are coming up and the garden is filled with colour and nesting birds, I can feel my spirits lifting . The restrictions are slowly being reduced which is fantastic, I'm getting ready for the show season to start. It's been such a difficult time , but it really does feel like we're nearly there.

The first show is the BBC Gardeners world Spring show at Beaulieu which is the 29th-31st of May .

more details of the events page.


wishing you and yours the very best on this bright but chilly day.









Another new size of columns now available, 58" ,it's got a beefed up steel frame and a longer spike. £200 and if you really want to make a statement I've added a new set of 3 , extra tall, which includes 1 x 58", 1 x 48" and 1 x 38" all of that for £500 . They look amazing, photos to follow . The only thing  is my work bench isn't long enough, so they're tricky to make , still it's an excuse to sort a new bench. 

message me .

Here are images of a couple of the new sizes of column I'm making, both with fused elements,twice the glass , thicker steel and fused glass inclusion .

But I hope you'll agree double the impact, seen here in my garden.

message me for more information. 



Based in Bosham,a beautiful coastal village in West Sussex. Karen works from a small workshop at the bottom of the garden, just past the chickens,her little piece of heaven .She is a  is a multi media artist who specialises in glass; Stained , slumped, fused and lamp worked, with jewell like colours.

Rich sumptious silk velvet and cool silver, there is nothing suble here . Always a strong design element to her work and a common link.

Karen started out as a dancer , training at the Rudolf Van Laban Centre for movement and dance which is  part of London University,  this has influenced her work considerably,her paintings are full of movement.

Karen has been a regular contribter at many art and gallery trails and art festivals,through out the country, particualy the south , manly  known for her columns, she has collectors in many countries . 



Where to buy

you can contact me directly,

(see the control bar on the LHS of the screen). 

Buy through this website or if you find yourself in West Sussex, you can either make an appointment to visit me at home ,as i always have some work at home, I am also part of a coastal gallery in West Wittering. see future exhibitions and events , also in links .






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