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What a contrast, being home in this extreme heat , I'm glad it wasn't this hot at Hampton Court , that would have been very difficult. I'm having to work in my workshop in the evening as it's just too hot and my kiln keeps saying it's too hot for it ! It's slowing me down, but i think the rain is due on Friday so I can catch up then .mind you the garden is loving it .




please note, that due to a very successful show at Hampton Court the lead time for orders is longer than usual . I thank you for your patience. 







Another new size of columns now available, 58" ,it's got a beefed up steel frame and a longer spike. £200 and if you really want to make a statement I've added a new set of 3 , extra tall, which includes 1 x 58", 1 x 48" and 1 x 38" all of that for £500 . They look amazing, photos to follow . The only thing  is my work bench isn't long enough, so they're tricky to make , still it's an excuse to sort a new bench. 

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