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                   Summer in my studio 


I'm so enjoying sharing my workshop and garden ,both with visitors wanting to discuss glass for their home or garden and best of all with my workshop and short course attendees. There's always lots of fun and laughter as we go through the creative process of making their pieces. There will be more courses available soon, so watch this space. If not receiving our newsletter ( about every 6-8 weeks ) and you would like to, message me and I will add you to my list. 



I'm thrilled that there is this lovely write up about my make your own columns workshop in this magazine .

Here you can see I have been having fun making new work , a fused huge polo , it's on the same sort of base as the bird bath so work as a set . I do love the colours . I have also made some new flowers ( one of my favourite plants are the umbillifers such as Angelica ) they come on a slightly thicker rod . I'm working on other colour ways. So watch this space . Neither piece are on the purchase pages yet so do message me. I'm currently working on upgrading the website, so hopefully it will be easier to add everything. 




 Here are the August September dates so far ;


Full day , make your own column workshops ;



September 14th available -column workshop 


September 21st  spaces available - column workshop 

September 27th spaces available - fusing workshop

September 30th spaces available - column workshop October 8th 1 space available-column workshop

October 11th spaces available- fusing workshop

October 14th spaces available- column workshop 

October 21st spaces available-column workshop 





if none of these days suit , don't be put off, just message me and I will try to sort a date that works for you. 
for the short courses ( 3hrs long) why not have an evening session with a few friends...



The cost is £150 for the day, all materials included , a homemade lunch teas and coffe etc 



Fusing workshops ( 2.00-5.00ish, or 18.00-21.00 ) 


all materials and refreshments included -cost £60 



please message me for more information.





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sending you all

The very best wishes 

Karen xx 



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